Refrigerated Almond Beverages

Our Blue Diamond® non-dairy almond beverage is made with real California almonds and it’s delicious. Try it in everything from cereals and smoothies, to cooking and baking. Browse our variety of refrigerated products including sweetened and unsweetened options and flavoured options like vanilla, chocolate, and more.

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It's All In The Almonds

We pride ourselves on the quality of our California almonds and we ensure that each drop of that quality goes into our almond beverage. Lactose-free, soy-free, and calcium-enriched, Almond Breeze® is a great product that comes to you with care and attention to goodness. Find out for yourself today.

Made With You In Mind

We pride ourselves on creating a product that is good for the world and better for you. Select one of our Refrigerated products below for that product’s specific nutrition and dietary information. Enjoy!

Unsweetened Original vs 2% Dairy Milk
30 Calories 124
2.5g Fat 4.9 g
180mg Sodium 116 mg
1g Carbohydrate - g
1g Fibre - g
0g Sugars - g
1g Protein 8 g
10% Vitamin A 5 %
45% Vitamin D 0 %
50% Vitamin B12 0 %
30% Calcium 29 %
4% Iron 0 %
5% Potassium 9 %
25% Riboflavin 0 %
2% Phosphorus - %

*Based on the leading brand of almond milk


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From Our Family to Yours

Did you know over 90% of our almond farms are family farms, often run by third and fourth-generation growers? Our Blue Diamond® family of over 3,000 California almond growers is dedicated to one goal: bringing you only the best almonds for the best almond beverage.

Meet Our Growers

Gemperie Family, Blue Diamond Almond Growers