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Family is the Blue Diamond® Way

You can trust that the almonds that go into your Blue Diamond® snacks and Almond Breeze® are grown with care by our co-op of more than 3,000 growers in the Central California valley.

A Family Operation

When generations dedicate their lives to one operation, you know it’s more than work. It’s a livelihood.

The Chandler Family

The dedicated father and son duo at Chandler Farms pour their care and expertise into growing something that they are proud to share with the world.

The Gemperle Family

With the help of their father, these siblings prove that the satisfaction of a hard day’s work is only made better when you do it with family.

The Indart Family

For three generations, the Indart family has focused on the quality of what they create. When it comes to family, theirs and yours, only the best will do.