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Refrigerated Almond Beverages

Are Almond Breeze® products pasteurized?

Yes. Refrigerated Almond Breeze® is produced via ultra-pasteurized HTST (High Temperature, Short Time) process. Ultra high heat eliminates all viable pathogens to ensure product is safe. The ultra-pasteurized product when packed in a specially designed protective packaging results in an extended shelf life (ESL).

Shelf Stable Almond Breeze® is produced via a process called ‘aseptic’. The aseptic process is a closed process and is a form of pasteurization and commercial sterilization which utilizes a very high temperature as required by federal regulations.

Are the almonds you use non-GMO?

Almonds are grown without using bioengineering.

Can Almond Breeze® be used for baking and in recipes?

Almond Breeze® can be used in just about any recipes calling for traditional dairy milk. It can be used in baking, soups and sauces, as well as heated up for hot drinks, etc. We do not, however, recommend Almond Breeze® for use in instant pudding.

Can I freeze Almond Breeze®?

No. Freezing Almond Breeze® causes the product to separate irregularly and greatly reduces the consistency of the product upon thawing.

What is the carton made of?

Refrigerated Almond Breeze® is packaged in gable-top 1.89L cartons with a white plastic pour spout fitment. All container boards are made from FDA approved virgin materials with a multi-layer structure and an oxygen barrier designed for extended shelf life applications.

Two blue boxes of Almond Breeze almond drink, original flavor 946 mL also unsweetened 946 mL

Shelf Stable Almond Beverages

Are Almond Breeze® cartons recyclable?

Both Shelf Stable and Refrigerated cartons along with milk and juice cartons are recycled through a simple, well-established process called ‘hydrapulping.’ The high-quality fiber is used in the production of paper products such as tissue and paper towels and fine writing paper. In some cases, the plastic / foil residual is being recycled into high-end plastic lumber products.

Check with your local recycling center to confirm that the container is recycled in your area. Almond Breeze® cartons can be recycled after removing plastic screw caps or plastic spout.

Why do I need to shake the product?

Shaking Almond Breeze® before serving helps to maintain product consistency. Over time, ingredients in Almond Breeze® may settle to the bottom of the carton.

How soon should I use Almond Breeze® after I open it?

After opening, all Almond Breeze® should be used within 14 days. Because Almond Breeze® does not contain preservatives, it is susceptible to bacterial growth such as mold after being opened for a prolonged period of time at room temperature. Blue Diamond® does not recommend extending the Refrigerated “Use By” or Shelf Stable “Best Before”/ “Best if Used By” time frame of Almond Breeze® and Blue Diamond® will not guarantee the quality of the product beyond this recommended time frame.

In what country is Almond Breeze® produced?

Products are produced in Blue Diamond® approved manufacturers across the United States.

Is the carton microwaveable?

No. Almond Breeze® cartons are not microwave safe.

General FAQ

Can I use Almond Breeze® as an infant formula?

No. Almond Breeze® is not designed for the replacement of breast milk or infant formula.

How should I store Almond Breeze®?

Unopened REFRIGERATED Almond Breeze® should be stored at a temperature of 1.6 to 5°C up until the “Use By” date printed on top of the carton. Keep REFRIGERATED Almond Breeze® in the middle of your refrigerator to prevent possible freezing. Avoid refrigerator door storage as it tends to be the warmest part of the refrigerator. REFRIGERATED Almond Breeze® is perishable and will spoil if not refrigerated. Unopened SHELF STABLE Almond Breeze® can be stored in your pantry at room temperature up until the “Best Before” or “”Best if Use By”” date printed on top of the carton. Once opened, SHELF STABLE Almond Breeze® must be refrigerated and used within 14 days or it will spoil.

How can I tell if the product turns bad?

Almond Breeze® products have a mild and pleasant aroma. If your Almond Breeze® does not look, smell or taste the way it should, it may be spoiled. Signs of spoilage include: The carton looks abnormally bloated When opened, product appears to be moldy, curdled and/or slimy The color has changed The product has an off odor or smells like sour milk The product texture has changed and is not smooth and creamy

Can I freeze Almond Breeze®?

No. Freezing Almond Breeze® causes the product to separate irregularly and greatly reduces the consistency of the product upon thawing.

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